Francois Boué "Amor Vacui", 2001

Black and white, super 8 mm film Ed. 3 + 1AP 16 mm copy 3 min. 20 sec.

The film is a frame-by-frame account of 36 hours in late Spring 2001 of a moment between two spaces and two urban situations. Between a neo-gothic, former high school and what was once the Loews Delancey cinema, an un-built space that was for years a parking lot and open-air workshop for amateur mechanics, later became a construction site for a new apartment building. In the mean time almost all human activity ground to a halt at that spot for about six months, letting nature take over. Some of the preceding and following moments are recorded in two related film series: Mechanics and Some Folk Building.

The title, which literally means love of emptiness, is simply a reversal of the millennium-old notion of horror vacui , i.e. fear of emptiness. Here emptiness is not "nothing"; neither is it the lack of anything.

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