Pat Place

The End, 1981 - Infinity
December 1
1, 2008 - January 11, 2009

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Pat Place
The End, 1981 - Infinity

December 11, 2008 - January 11, 2009
Opening reception Thursday, December 11 from 6-8 pm

Jane Kim / Thrust Projects is pleased to announce the debut exhibition of photography by Pat Place entitled The End, 1981 - Infinity The opening reception is Thursday, December 11 th from 6 - 8 pm through January 11, 2009 . The End, 1981 - Infinity presents a selection of photographs from an archive of over 1,000 prints of end titles from movies on television. Place shot the images directly from the TV screen during collaboration with writer Linda Yablonsky that began in 1981. Place has continued to develop the project through the present.

As Elyse Goldberg has written in New York Arts Magazine: "In the darkness we lose ourselves, seduced not by another person, but by a large picture absorbing our awareness as we let go of our daily lives momentarily, and give it up to the story before us. The final shot in most films allows us to distance ourselves from the story - the end shot. Credits run, people stand, lights on, we return to our own realities. Pat Place wants not to return to those realities, but rather, re-creates, in her series of orchestrated infinite musings on the notion of "the end", her own ending"...

Pat Place was born 1953 in Chicago, graduated with a BFA in Painting and Sculpture at Northern Illinois University, Dekalb, IL. She came to New York in 1975 and exhibited her work various galleries in the city from 1977 - 1984. Place's photography has recently been shown at the "No Wave, Post Punk, Underground New York 1976-80" exhibition curated by Thurston Moore and Byron Cooley at KS Art in TriBeca 2008, and the group exhibition "Happy Vacation" at Thrust Projects this past summer.

Place was the original guitarist and one of the founding members for The Contortions, one of the central bands in the New York No Wave scene. She then went to form The Bush Tetras. She was also involved in the No Wave film culture, appearing in some of Vivienne Dick's movies co-starring with Lydia Lunch and other musicians from New York's thriving, late-1970s and early-1980s music community. From the 90's until present, Place has been performing with The Bush Tetras and various bands in New York City and in Europe.

Jane Kim / Thrust Projects is located at 114 Bowery between Grand and Hester Streets, on the 3rd floor. Gallery hours: Wed - Sun from noon to 6 pm. For images or further information, please contact Jane Kim at 212 431 4802 or .