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Random Individuals Seeking a Dealer

January 22- February 28, 2010

Jeff Barnett-Winsby
Tre Cassetta
Amanda Dandeneau
Tom Prado


Installation view

Works Artist Page Press release (download PDF)


"RISD: Random Individuals Seeking a Dealer," opens January 22 at Jane Kim/Thrust Projects featuring the work of four recent graduates, Jeff Barnett-Winsby, Tre Cassetta, Amanda Dandeneau, and Tom Prado from the Rhode Island School of Design¹s photography department. A strictly digital show, 20 works by these emerging artists are printed on one 86-foot roll of inkjet photo paper which wraps around the gallery, cleverly illustrating how digital technology speaks to the times, providing the least expensive and most efficient way to hang a photography show. Whether snapshots, nude self-portraiture, exploration of reality and illusion, or night photography, each individual keeps it new and interesting.

Jeff Barnett-Winsby captures the beauty of man-made light after the sun goes down. Amanda Dandeneau explores the female bond in her portraits of her and her mother. Tre Cassetta¹s camera is an extension of himself and his life experiences. Tom Prado photographs the urban landscape in a critical but humorous way. All four photographers have distinct aesthetics and interests.

Together they share similar training in one of the world¹s most renowned art schools. The title of the show can be taken literally and sincerely as a plea to the public to consider the plight of young artists graduating from art school without a dealer.  

Special thanks to Luis E. Reyes, the printer for the project.




Tre Cassetta, Untitled